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Our Mission

We look to provide our valuabled guests with a spa experience full of luxury, elegance, and comfort with the highest regard for safety and sanitation.

Our Team

We are a group of well-trained professionals who are passionate about our work, and we dedicate our time to making your experience the perfect escape from your busy lifestyle.

LED light 

We use only LED lights for our gel nail service, which has been deemed safe. Research has shown that Ultraviolet (UV) light dryers are harmful to your skin and can also lead to health disorders

Spa chair

We are the only nail spa in town that uses 100% disposable liner and spa jet technology. This means a pure and fresh foot spa each time you come and join us.  The Dr. Oz Show recommends the use of disposal air jet for pedicure spas. Our spa chair sets a new standard for safety and cleanliness.


Proper sanitation is one of our number one top priorities here at Oh My! Salon & Spa.  All our metal instruments are sterilized and then sealed in a pouch until it's used. Our filers and buffers are disposed of with each session, so feel free to ask if you'd like to take yours home!

Salon Etiquette

Out of consideration for our other guests, please keep all phone calls to a minimum.

Reservations and Appointments

Appointments are recommended, but walk-ins are always welcome! Please call ahead to ensure that we can accommodate for you and provide you with enough time to fit your schedule and needs.







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